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What Next Volume III
Climate, Development and Equity
This 360-page new What Next Volume includes more than 20 articles by some of the world's most far-sighted commentators, researchers and activists.

The publication covers the scientific and equity context of climate change, the UN negotiations, real and false solutions and discussions on movement towards change and the role of civil society.

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These contributions from some of the world’s most far-sighted commentators should be required reading for heads of state, policymakers, journalists, activists and the concerned public. Together they make the loudest call for political and individual action and give governments the legitimacy to act.
John Vidal, Environment Editor, The Guardian
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A Swedish translation of Kevin Anderson's great opening article in the book 'What Next Volume III: Climate, Development and Equity'.

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What Next Volume I
Setting the context

(published as Development Dialogue no 47)
This volume provides a basis for the What Next process and includes articles examining and critiquing the very concept of 'development'.

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What Next Volume II
The case for pluralism

(published as Development Dialogue no 52)
This volume provides presents a number of articles that argues for the need for pluralism. It is also the departure point for the new What Next initiative.

Forthcoming publications

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BANG: What Next? Changing course
This book, with Pat Mooney, ETC group as author, builds on the conversations, debates and discussions of the What Next project. Four stories of the future unfold – both business as usual and alterantive takes. To be finalised and published during 2011. A pre-publication version was used as a basis for discussion at the Right Livelihood Award 30-year anniversary in Bonn, September 2010.

Other publications and articles

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Reclaiming power: An energy model for people and the planet
New report speaking in favour of a system of globally funded feed-in tariffs to promote energy access while simultaneously redirecting investments to fossil free, renewable energy. The 16-page report is produced by Friends of the Earth England, North Ireland and Wales in collaboration with What Next Forum, and was released during COP17 in Durban.
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Rio +20 submission: The case for globally funded feed-in tariffs
Submission on behalf of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation to the UN Rio+20 process, making the case for a bold public investment programme for energy access and renewable energy transformation through a system of national feed-in tariffs/guarantee prices linked to a global fund.

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Climate Justice Briefs
A collection of 13 two-page briefs explaining what climate justice means for different themes. Joint endeavor by a number of organisations and social movements from all continents, including What Next Forum.

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A compilation of material on Climate Justice
This compilation includes 13 climate justice briefs and a 7-page document, produced for the World Social Forum 2011, with a narrative of the the politics on climate change – including exposure of the Copenhagen and Cancún failures – as well as elaboration of climate justice principles and the need for major popular mobilization.
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What Next: Climate change, technology and development
(published in the journal Development, no 51, 2008)
This article by Niclas Hällström discusses the risks with geo-engineering and large-scale techno-fixes to the climate crisis.

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Carbon Trading
(published as Development Dialogue no 48)
This What Next publication presents the most comprehensive critique of carbon trading, and has had a major influence on the climate debate with with more than half a million downloads.
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Collaboration for innovation: The urgent need for new antibiotics
(published by Action group on antibiotic resistance (ReAct).
Report drafted and edited by Niclas Hällström, What Next Forum.
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Transcending Boundaries
Book telling the story of the Center for Environment and Development Studies (Cemus) at Uppsala University/SLU, which was partly founded by Niclas Hällström, What Next Forum.

SSNC Key Issues for Climate Change material

The following publications are outcomes from the "Key Issues for Climate Change" project of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), which was coordinated by Niclas Hällström, What Next Forum, during 2009-2010.
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A Green Energy Revolution for Climate and Development
A 92-page summary (10 MB) of factsheets, seminar reports, articles, op-eds and reports from SSNC and others, speaking in favour of a global system of feed-in tariffs – a global Marshall plan – to simultaneously tackle energy poverty and climate change.

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Key Issues for Climate change
This 210-page book includes extensive and thought-provoking reports from the 9 Key Issues for Climate Change seminars that SSNC organised during 2009. The book includes assessments from both before and after the Copenhagen meeting and provides a good basis to understand the key issues/challenges at stake in climate change.