The What Next Forum convenes meetings, explores new issues and catalyses alternative ideas into action.

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The What Next Forum seeks to convene informal dialogues, roundtable discussions, exploratory seminars, strategy workshops, as well as public debates – and to facilitate dedicated people meeting each other. Individuals from a large and continuously expanding network across issues, movements, continents and backgrounds can meet in unusual constellations for creative exploration of both new and old challenges.


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The What Next Forum aims to explore new issues and alternative views on development. The meetings are all about creating opportunities for new thinking and exploration of unconventional ideas – and possible trajectories ahead. When new issues needs to be understood, or new perspectives and light need to be shed on established issues, the What Next Forum may be a place for further exploration.


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The What Next Forum strives to catalyse promising ideas and initiatives into action. By convening meetings of people who both think ahead and act, the What Next Forum can catalyse the formulation of strategies, help create networks and organisations, and provide active support to both activists and policy-makers. Publications, news and audio-visual resources are made available for common use and action.
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The What Next Forum seeks to explore a broad range of issues and areas, including new technologies, climate change and climate justice, development and globalisation, economics, and knowledge, science and complexity. With a high degree of flexibility new issues can be tackled at an early stage.
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Current What Next Forum engagements include projects to strategise and respond to challenges around new, emerging technologies, antibiotic resistance, continued work on feminist political ecology, promotion of ideas for a new global investment strategy to simultaneously tackle poverty and climate change, and an initiative to capture the history of Another Development.
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The What Next Forum seeks to create conducive platforms for engagement where people share and engage in creative and collaborative ways – with a strong belief in the value of face-to-face meetings, flexibility and long-lasting relations. In addition to organising different kinds of meetings, the What Next Forum strives to reach out more broadly through a combination of printed publications and electronic media. Networking is at the core to continuously expand the web of good ideas and engaged people.
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The What Next Forum is a direct continuation – a spin-off – from the What Next Project that was carried out at the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation over several years. The What Next Forum connects to the past work on Another Development while continuing to expand the network developed over several decades of work by Niclas Hällström, Olle Nordberg, Sven Hamrell and the many friends that came together at the foundation.