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Inspiring and visionary – the case for global feed-in tariffs!

New SSNC publication! 'A Green Energy Revolution for Climate and Development – Visions and Arguments: A compilation of material' (approximately 10 MB)

A compilation of material speaking in favour of a bold public investment approach – a 'Global Marshall plan' – to simultaneously tackle climate change and poverty/development through a global system of feed-in tariffs for renewable energy, funded through a UNFCCC global energy fund. Such a 'Green Energy Revolution' is one of the few concrete and visionary ideas of how to actually move, quickly, to a radically different path with renewable energy in both North and South – and to do so in a way that benefits both North and South even in the short run.

The compilation includes short fact sheets, articles, interviews and seminar reports from the SSNC "Key Issues for Climate Change" seminar series, as well as material from the UN and Deutsche Bank – all speaking in favour of such an approach.

Be sure to download and read the whole publication – it's inspiring, and is receiving increasing attention and excitement. And help out to spread the ideas!

Below the short summary from the front cover of the compilation:

The climate crisis requires drastically reduced use of fossil fuels. At the same time at least two billion people need to increase their energy consumption to satisfy their basic needs.

With massive investments in renewable energy through global feed-in tariffs, both these challenges can be met simultaneously – while quickly making renewables competitive. A Marshall plan for climate and development where everyone can gain.
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