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Red Lines! A letter to ministers and negotiators in Doha

Letter to ministers_120px This letter from social movements and civil society to ministers and negotiators of all countries present at Doha set out red lines for people and the planet, warning governments walking away from these positions be condemned. The letter was later supported also by six of the largest environment and development organizations in the world (Friends of the Earth International, Greenpeace, Action Aid, Oxfam, WWF and Christian Aid and trade union federation ITUC).

"Governments, rich and poor, must not agree to a “deal” that keeps the planet on track for 4°C and even higher levels of warming, condemning millions of our people to death, starvation, and forced migration."

"Governments cannot be distracted by a post-­2020 agreement.We need climate action now for this critical decade.Any government that walks away from these positions will be condemned. They will be condemned by global civil society.They will be condemned by their people.They will be condemned by history.They will condemn us all to devastating and irreversible climate change, withlife on planet Earth at stake."

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