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Climate Justice Now intervention, LCA plenary Tianjin

Here is the intervention at the Climate Justice Now slot at the opening plenary of the UNFCCC intersessional negotiations in Tianjin, China 4-9 October 2010 - as delivered by Karen Orenstein, Friends of the Earth, USA:

Thank you. I am with Friends of the Earth, a member of the Climate Justice Now! network. As our climate system teeters on collapse, some parties continue to try to dismantle the UNFCCC architecture and replace it with a much weaker, pledge-based, voluntary approach. This will dangerously move the world backwards.

Some would like to sideline the UNFCCC process. This will also only move the world backwards. Whatever the outcome in Cancun, it must democratically reflect the full participation of all countries – from the poorest to the wealthiest – and must take place wholly within the climate convention. Cherry-picking of country participation must not occur.

A second commitment period under the KP is essential. Any developed country not party to the KP should participate on a comparable basis through a commitment under the Convention, as called for in the Bali Action Plan. Developed countries must take on mitigation targets in line with science and equity and must not deflect this responsibility onto developing countries.

Developed countries must not hold climate finance hostage to further action by developing countries. Long term climate finance and the establishment of a global climate fund are obligations in and of themselves and must not be used as bargaining chips with which to gain concessions from developing countries.

There is no time to waste. The world must not cater to one party’s political reality. Those who cannot lead must stop pretending they can do so and stop blocking progress.

Thank you.
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