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Call-out for 'Occupy COP17'

Below is the Call-out for a General Assembly from www.occupycop17.org


#OccupyCop17: Climate Justice General Assembly

Governments of the world are, for the 17th time, assembling to discuss how we react on an international scale to a changing climate. During these last 16 years a sane response to an unsustainable global culture has not been found.

Inside their assembly and inside their declarations the needs of the 99% are not being heard. Private corporations are occupying our seats in the UN climate talks and governments corrupted by corporate influence are claiming to represent our needs.They are abusing and pillaging the consensus process, once put in place to ensure even the smallest and most vulnerable had a say.

We, as a planet, have been shown we can no longer rely on the same structures that have allowed for famines, floods, hurricanes and massacres to escalate relentlessly. There is a historic responsibility, and a global necessity for action.
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Vulnerable countries consider 'occupying' Durban talks

Diplomats from some developing countries may "occupy" the UN
climate negotiations that begin on Monday in Durban by staging
sit-ins and boycotts over the lack of urgency in the talks.

See full article in The Guardian.
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Caravan of Hope: From Burundi to Durban

Did you know 300 African climate justice activists are travelling through the continent for the Climate talks in Durban? And stopping along the way to engage with politicians, media and the public in every county they pass. Check out this inspiring story from the road – published in The Guardian.

And check out the homepage of the organizers: the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) here.
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Bill McKibben: "We won. You won" On the Keystone XL pipline victory

Below an inspiring letter from Bill McKibben of 350.org.
Dear Friends,

We won. You won.

The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline that we’ve been fighting for months has been effectively killed. The President didn’t outright reject the Keystone XL pipeline permit, but a few minutes ago he sent the pipeline back for a thorough re-review that will delay it til 2013. Most analysts agree: the pipeline will never get built.
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The 99 Percent Have Found Our Voice


Here below an inspired letter by John Cavanagh, Director of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington D.C.
Could any of us have imagined that in six short weeks, the people of this country would have found our voice? Most of you reading this have likely participated in Occupy activities in your town or city. IPS board member Barbara Ehrenreich worked with IPS interns to create a massive list of phone numbers of mayors of Occupied towns. They came up with over 400 places where people are standing up to be heard.

These are days of action.
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