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Cancún outcomes

Here is a summary of the key outcomes of COP 16 in Cancún. Positive outcomes are in green, negative outcomes are in red, and neutral/ambivalent outcomes are in grey. So, according to this mind map one could summarize the Cancun meeting as around 85% bad and 15% good. However, some of the bad outcomes are very significant, particularly the move towards a paradigm shift of pledge & review rather than the clear, legally binding principles of the Kyoto Protocol.

Cancun outcomes_420pxl_shadow
Click on the map for a hi-resolution version for viewing online or printing (comes out best in A3-format).
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Rich accused of 'holding humanity hostage' - John Vidal

Cancún climate summit: Rich accused of 'holding humanity hostage'

Latin American leaders claim poorest nations imperilled by lack of
action on global warming

   * John Vidal and Jo Tuckman in Mexico City
   * guardian.co.uk, Friday 26 November 2010 19.24 GMT
   * Article history

Egyptians' sun symbol in Wadi Natrun desert Egyptians form a giant sun
in the Wadi Natrun desert to highlight global warming ahead of the
climate talks. Photograph: Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images

In the absence of Barack Obama, David Cameron and most developed
country leaders, a group of Britain's least-welcome heads of state
plans to grab centre-stage at next week's global climate summit and
accuse wealthy countries of a collective lack of ambition.

At the 194-nation summit in Cancún, Mexico, Hugo Chávez, president of
Venezuela, Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador, and Bolivia's Evo
Morales, all of whom were accused by Gordon Brown of "holding the
world to ransom" at last year's political debacle at Copenhagen, plan
to charge the rich nations with imperilling the poorest people in the
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